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Course Description

Skillium is one of the best Big Data Hadoop training institutes in Chennai, India. It enables you to master different Hadoop Framework concepts as well as prepares you for the CCA175 Cloudera’s Big Data Certification. With Skillium’s Big Data Hadoop Certification Training courses, the candidates will be able to learn the Ecosystem components like Yarn, Hadoop 3.4, Pig, HDFS, Flume, HBase, Impala, Spark, and more, introduction to Big Data Hadoop, and more. Our Skillium Big Data Hadoop course will help you to implement real-life projects in social media, telecommunication, banking, e-commerce, insurance on cloud lab etc.

What is Hadoop and Big Data?

Big Data refers to the complex and extensive collection of data which are tedious to process with the help of the traditional processing system. Stock exchanges like BSE and NYSE generate more data every minute and social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn generates data five hundred times more than the stock exchanges. Hadoop is one of the Apache’s open source project used for processing and storing a large collection of data in the environment of a distributed framework.

Who should go for Skillium Big Data Hadoop Training?

The market for Big Data analytics is growing tremendously across the globe. The growth of the industry means you get an excellent opportunity in leading MNCs and IT industries. Freshers, BI/ETL/DW professionals, Testing professionals, Developers and Architects, Senior IT Professionals, Mainframe professionals can prefer Skillium’s Big Data Hadoop Training in Chennai.

Hadoop Training Course Content available at Skillium Training Institute

  1. Hadoop Project based Training
  2. Hadoop Administration
  3. CCA175 – Cloudera’s Spark and Hadoop Developer Certification
  4. Apache Kafka
  5. Apache Hadoop and Map Reduce Essentials
  6. Hadoop Interview Preparation – Questions and Answers
  7. Hadoop Certification Training
  8. Apache Spark Certification Training
  9. NoSQL Databases for Big Data
  10. Spark, Scala, and Storm combo
  11. Apache Storm Introduction
  12. Apache Spark Advanced Topics

Software and Hardware Requirements

  1. Java 1.6+
  2. MYSQL Database
  3. VMWare (To use Linux OS along with Windows OS)
  4. Any Linux flavor OS (Ex: Ubuntu/CentOS/Fedora/RedHat Linux) with 4 GB
  5. RAM (minimum), 100 GB HDD)
  6. Open-SSH server & client
  7. Eclipse IDE

What are the prerequisites to join Skillium Big Data Hadoop Training in Chennai?

  1. Core Java (OOPS Concepts, Collections, Exceptions ) — For Map-Reduce Programming
  2. Basic Unix Commands
  3. SQL Query knowledge – For Hive Queries

Skillium’s Big Data Hadoop Certification Training in Chennai

Skillium’s Big Data certification helps the candidates to learn the following during the course period.

  1. Ingest data using Flume and Sqoop.
  2. Impala for Partitioning.
  3. Understand Flume Architecture, Flume, Flume Sinks, sources, flume configurations, and channels.
  4. A benefit of good working knowledge of different components of Pig.
  5. Understand HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) and YARN architecture.
  6. Learn how to work with the YARN and HDFS Components for resource and storage management.
  7. Understand RDD (Resilient Distribution Datasets).
  8. Understand the essential use cases of Spark and its different algorithms.
  9. Prepare for Cloudera’s CCA175 Hadoop Certification.
  10. Understand MapReduce, its characteristics and assimilate standard MapReduce concepts.
  11. Create tables and database in Impala and Hive, use them for partitioning, understands HBase in detail.
  12. Understand various file formats, using Arvo with Hive, Avro Schema, Schema, and Sqoop evolution.

Why Choose Skillium for Big Data Hadoop Certification Training in Chennai?

  1. Practical training with case studies and real-time projects.
  2. Course suitable for both beginners and professionals.
  3. Industry experts with a decade of experience in Big Data Hadoop fields.
  4. Big Data Hadoop Certification provided to the candidates upon successful completion of the course.
  5. 100% assured placement assistance.
  6. Masters the tricks of Hadoop and Analytics trade by taking this certification course.

Start your career today with Skillium and enhance your career skills to lead a bright future.

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