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Course Description

The Skillium Blockchain Certification Course helps candidates in mastering the technology and become skilled in basic and advanced concepts of Blockchains, the various layers included in the blockchain, the in-depth architecture of the blockchain, hyper ledger, working with cryptocurrencies, the benefits of blockchains, its applications and more.

Learn all the skills in Blockchain which are required for the candidate to become an expert in Blockchain from Skillium Blockchain Certification training. The Skillium training is a step-by-step course which will teach you about the world of Ethereum, Blockchain, Bitcoins and use cases of Blockchain. This course is designed for people who need an exhaustive and extensive course on topics of blockchain and needed to become a technical or functional blockchain consultant.

What makes Skillium Blockchain Training unique from their competitors?

  1. Practical knowledge provided to the candidates on Blockchain by experienced professionals working in leading IT & MNC companies.
  2. A lot of discussion & tips provided to the candidates on blockchain to develop their technical interview skills.
  3. An interactive online training session that allows seamless exchange between trainers & students.
  4. 100% Assured job placement assistance
  5. All study materials are provided to the candidates.
  6. Skillium Blockchain certification provided to all candidates after the successful completion of the course.
  7. Flexibility in choosing their class timings for attending Blockchain Classes.
  8. Our trainers make use of real-time scenarios & live examples to train candidates on different blockchain projects.
  9. Lifetime access to recorded sessions
  10. 24/7 support
  11. Practical Approach.

What are the frameworks/tools covered in Skillium Blockchain training?

There are different tools covered namely Blockchain integration tools like Git, Blockchain Etherum tools like Etherum, Ganache, Truffle, Embark, Etherum Geth, Metamask, Solidity programming like Solidity, Docker Swarm, ATOM, and more.

What will you learn from Skillium Blockchain Training?

Different modules covered in the Skillium Blockchain training includes Introduction to Bitcoins and its use cases, Encryption, Cryptography,& Digital Signatures, Ledgers and BIPS, Mining & Blockchain Algorithm, Blockchain Wallets, Blockchain – I, Advanced Blockchain, Ethereum, Blockchain Frameworks, Blockchain Platforms, Introduction to Initial Coin Offerings, and more.

Different Modes of training:

Skillium covers Self-pace learning and live online training for individuals and Self-paced, Classroom training, and Live Instructor-Led Online Training for the corporates.

What are the learning outcomes you receive by pursuing Blockchain Training from Skillium?

Candidates will be able to get a clear understanding of Blockchain Security options, security issues, Private Blockchain, Digital Currency, Smart Contract, Blockchain Programming, basic of smart contracts with Blockchain, performing a transaction with blockchain, the importance of blockchain transactions, and more.

Who can pursue Blockchain training course from Skillium?

  1. Senior Executive Business
  2. Software Developers
  3. IT Consultants
  4. Head of Departments
  5. Business Analyst
  6. Students
  7. Job Seekers

What are the primary objectives of Skillium Blockchain training course?

Upon the completion of the blockchain training course from skillium, our candidates will be able to

  1. Learn to understand the blockchain use cases and what is going on.
  2. In-depth understanding of the different architecture and framework of blockchains.
  3. Focus on both practical and theoretical theory.
  4. Understand the role of blockchain on the cloud.

Join Skillium Blockchain Training in Chennai today and enhance your skills for the better future on Blockchain Industry. Call us to grab more information on the Blockchain course.

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