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Course Description

Skillium is one of the best training institutes in Chennai that offers Certified Ethical Hacking training at an affordable and fair rate. The training focuses on advanced attacks, latest security threats, practical and theoretical real-time demonstration of current hacking methodologies, techniques, tricks, tools, and other security measures need to meet the highly skilled security expert standards.

With the increasing use of concerns about internet security, especially considering things like private details or consumer information, there is a vast demand for ethical hackers to solve these issues. Enterprises at present are in high demand for ethical hackers to protect their valuable information. Whether you are a fresher or experienced, ethical hacker, the ethical hacker certification will provide a unique place in the crowd, and undoubtedly you will be the most demanded and preferred IT Security Professional.

How Skillium Ethical Hacking Course beat its Competitors?

Unlike other certifications training, Ethical training from Skillium covers major topics to make the candidates understand various concepts in ethical hacking.

  1. Instructors teach advanced technologies in hacking to the candidates.
  2. Standard Security practices and auditing techniques.
  3. Real-world lab exercises and live projects on cyber securities
  4. Trainers and candidates investigate live cybercrime projects.
  5. Updated courseware, latest techniques, and tools.
  6. Hands-on training on countermeasures.
  7. Interview and Resume Preparation guidance provided to the candidates to clear any complex interviews.
  8. 100% assured job placement assistance.
  9. Study materials are provided to the candidates.

Why should you learn Ethical Hacking?

Due to the intensification and growth of the networks and internet, the enterprises and businesses are facing higher online security intrusion attacks and breaches. To prevent these malicious hackers and intrusions from causing many damages to the critical data and network systems, information security specialist and ethical hackers professionals are needed in a massive amount.

Learn Ethical hacking from Skillium and seek the best lucrative opportunities in different fields like financial institutions, banks, Government organizations, private companies, military establishments and more.

Who can attend Skillium Ethical Hacker Training in Chennai?

The Ethical Hacking certificate training course is mainly for the professionals who are looking forward to starting their career in IT Security Officers, Network Security Administrators, IT Security, IT Auditors, System Administrator or for the one who needs to take Ethical Hacking as their profession.

What are the major modules covered in Skillium Ethical Hacking training?

We cover different core concepts in Skillium Ethical Hacking training namely Introduction, Most Common Attacks, Networking Security and Basics, Ping and Ping Sweep, Detecting Firewall, ICANN, DNS Delegation, Hacking Mailing Clients, Port Scanning, Intellectual property theft, Hacking by critical loggers, Identity attacks, Password cracking, call spoofing, DOS and DDOS Attacks, XSS attacks, SQL Injection, Web Jacking, Cyber Law and Consulting and more.

What is the average salary of the Ethical Hacker/Cyber Security Engineer/Security Engineer in Chennai?

Professionals in Ethical hacking in Chennai earn an average salary of about Rs 651533 as per the

What are the tools covered in Skillium ethical Hacking Course Training?

Network security tools like backtrack, password cracking tools like air-cracking, penetration testing tools like Metasploit, sniffing tools like a Better cap, SQL Injection tools like SQLNINJA, Web Application security tools like W3af and more.

Join Skillium and enhance your Ethical Hacking skills for an excellent career.

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