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Course Description

Java is the most secure & powerful programming languages present in the industry for more than 20 years. From smartphone to large supercomputers, a lot of application works on the Java platform. Java & J2EE developers are in huge demand & preferred by millions of companies to maintain the old application as well as to develop a new application in Java.

Skillium provides an extensive range of Java training in Chennai to cater to the needs of growing corporate companies. The course syllabus & materials are prepared by professional trainers who have a decade of experience in various Java programming and have been working in top IT & MNC solutions. We offer Java training placements in Chennai in top-notch IT companies.

The Skillium Java course syllabus is capable of mastering the candidate’s skill in Java tools Development & other Programming Knowledge which are essential for creating a various application in J2ME, J2SE, and J2EE. Our trainers hold strong practical & theoretical knowledge in the field of Java platform.

Java courses in Chennai at Skillium is provided by talented IT professional with a decade of real-time experience in the industry of software development. Skillium offers Java certification support & 100 % placement opportunities in various IT solution across the globe upon the successful completion of Java training in Chennai from us.

Skillium covers various course modules namely Java Basics, Data types, Methods, Variables, Operators, Constructors, access Specifiers & Modifiers, Arrays, Polymorphism, Interfaces, Wrapper classes, Garbage collection, Java I/O, String, Stringbuilder, String Buffer, Java networking, and more.

What skills will you learn from Skillium Java training institute in Chennai?

Upon the successful completion of Java training from Skillium, our candidates will able to

  1. Learn the advanced concept of Java Multi-threading & Threading,
    Improve the candidate knowledge to get a thorough understanding of using the JDK framework to develop a different application in Java.
  2. With the help of sockets, the candidate will able to learn client-server interaction.
  3. Learn how to make use of the collection for data storing & management.
  4. Get a deep understanding of how to develop a program in Java.
  5. To know the Advanced Java files IO & Advanced JDBC techniques.
  6. To learn about implementing various standard SQL queries in database integration.
  7. Gain knowledge on Remote Method Invocation (RMI)

What is the Job Salary for Professionals in Java Career?

The below salary range is based on pay

  1. Software Developer – INR 4,37,383
  2. Java Software Programmer, Developer – INR 4,37,217
  3. Test/Quality Assurance (QA), Engineer (Computer Software) – INR 3,00,741
  4. Software Engineer – INR 4,43,095
  5. Senior Software Developer/Engineer/ Programmer – INR 6,87,057
  6. Project Manager, Software Development INR – 13,80,930
  7. Project Manager, Information Technology (IT) – INR 13,10,324

Why choose Skillium for your J2EE/JAVA training?

  1. Practical & theoretical knowledge provided to the candidates by experienced professionals working in leading IT & MNC companies.
  2. An interactive online training session that allows for an understanding of interactivity between trainers & students.
  3. Lot of discussion & tips provided to the candidates to develop their technical interview skills.
  4. Our trainers make use of real time scenarios & live examples to train candidates on different Java projects.
  5. Our candidates & trainers are provided flexibility in choosing their class timings for attending Java Classes.
  6. Skillium Java certification provided to all candidates after the successful completion of the course.
  7. All study materials are provided to the candidates.
  8. 100% Assured job placement assistance

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