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If you are someone who prefers to choose a unique course in the field of Information Technology, then the right choice would be undoubtedly MEAN Stack Training in Chennai. Skillium provides the best quality training to the candidates at an affordable price and with experienced industry experts.

Why Skillium for Mean Stack Training in Chennai?

If you need to make your training course more fun and informative, Skillium is the perfect place. Our trainers are best at training with real-time experience. We offer both theoretical and practical training so that candidates will be able to understand the concepts without much struggle quickly. Mean Stack Certification will guide you in reaching your career goal.

Here are a few things why you should choose Skillium for Mean Stack training in Chennai.

1. Our trainers make use of real-time scenarios & live examples to train candidates on different Mean Stack projects.
2. Practical & theoretical knowledge provided to the candidates on Mean Stack by experienced professionals working in leading IT & MNC companies.
3. All study materials are provided to the candidates.
4. Skillium Mean Stack certification provided to all candidates after the successful completion of the course.
5. Lifetime access to recorded sessions
6. 24/7 support
7. Practical Approach.
8. 100% Assured job placement assistance
9. A lot of discussion & tips provided to the candidates on Mean Stack to develop their technical interview skills.
10. Our candidates & trainers are provided flexibility in choosing their class timings for attending Mean Stack Classes.
11. An interactive online training session that allows for an understanding of interactivity between trainers & students.

About Mean Stack Course:

Mean Stack is developed with a different combination of technologies namely ExpressJS as Web Framework or Middleware, Node.Js as serverside Environment, MongoDB as a database, and Angular 7 as Frontend Framework.

What is Mean Stack?

Mean is the collection of technology based on JavaScript, helps in developing faster web applications. Mean refers to MongoDB, Express JS, Angular JS, and Node.js.

What are the Objectives of Mean Stack Training?

Skillum’s Mean Stack training in Chennai makes the candidate professional in different technologies like Angular JS, JavaScript, Routing, AJAX, Express JS, MongoDB, Single page applications, MVC Concepts, JSON, Node JS, and more. Apart from this we also provide the best learning experience in every new technology. The candidates are provided with the interview questions on each topic, and this helps to know whether they have attained a thorough knowledge of each technique.

Who can Become a Mean Stack Developer?

1. Web Developers and UI Designers
2. Experienced professional in different technologies
3. Freshers who have an interest in web technologies.
4. Professionals who need a switch over to the web application development.

Mean Stack Course Structure:

Candidates will be taking hands-on training from Skillium for two to three months

1. Develop a Mean stack professional portfolio by working on different projects and assignments.
2. Lifetime access to downloadable Mean stack course interview questions, course materials, and project resources.
3. Detailed and understanding Instructor-led sessions that help in becoming a professional in Mean Stack.
4. Personalized mentorship from experts working in top MNC Companies and IT solutions.

Why Mean Stack?

1. People who are interested in having a career in the web development should learn Mean Stack as they will be able to handle both back end and front end.
2. Almost all top IT and MNC Solutions make use of the Mean Stacks in their projects, and therefore the demand and scope are reliably high.
3. The JavaScripts Technology used in the server side and client side indicates the scope for Main Stack Developers are high.
4. Mean Stack runs on a scripting language with large communities so that you can get the solution for all your queries.
5. IT giants like Walmart, LinkedIn, Microsoft, and SAP uses Express.js and Node.js.
6. Good hike salary is expected.

What are the prerequisites to pursue Mean Stack Training in Chennai?

1. Basic knowledge in JavaScript is essential.
2. Basic programming skill is required.

The job market is wide open for Mean Stack Developers, and therefore it is the right time to upgrade and face the competition to reach your career goal.

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