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Course Description

Get the top-quality Python Training in Chennai from Skillium. We offer first class training to our candidates along with 100% placement assistance. All our instructors are chosen after intermediate interviews and have good experience in various IT fields. Python programming training course from Skillium is developed to be the perfect course for all candidates to offer more in-depth knowledge about various scripting in Python. All classes are conducted by IT professional experts who are capable of making them placed in top IT and MNC solutions across the globe.

Python being adopted as a preferred choice for most of the IT domains like Web Development, Infrastructure Automation, Mobile Testing, Data Science, Cloud Computing technologies like OpenStack, AWS, VMware, Google Cloud, and more, Software Testing, Big Data, and Hadoop, etc. The Python course lets you set on a journey by creating your application, testing them, playing with data and more.

Be a top-notch programmer – Code, develop and get placed

  1. Live examples and real-time projects are chosen to train candidates about Django and Python.
  2. Advanced Lab Facilities provided to the candidate for a better understanding of the concepts.
  3. Fast track classes provided with finer fees structure.
  4. Be a certified Python programmer and start earning a considerable
  5. package in various MNC and IT companies.
  6. Industry experts with more than 12 years of experience in Python and other related fields.
  7. Interview Preparation and Resume preparation guidance offered to the candidates for clearing any multiple interviews.
  8. The instructor’s train candidates with both practical and theoretical knowledge.
  9. 100% assured job placement Assistance.

Best Python Tools Covered in Skillium

Visual Studio, Spyder, Robot Framework, Scikit-learn, Python for Machine Learning, Eclipse + PyDev, Vi/Vim, PyCharm, Thonny, Selenium Testing, GNU Emacs, Python for Data Science, Atom, Sublime text are some of the tools covered in the Skillium Python Course.

What are the different modes of training available?

We deliver online classes and classroom classes for the candidates. We have provided flexibility to both trainers and candidates in choosing their timings to attend the classes. We also offer study materials along with hands-on practical and theoretical knowledge n the concepts.

What are the Main Topics covered in Python?

  1. Write and call a simple function
  2. Import and make use of the module.
  3. Use Python statement like for, pass, if…elif and more.
  4. What NumPy does and what SciPy is
  5. Role of package managers like pip, easy install, I Python, IDLE and more.
  6. Django Training Classes
  7. Execute a python script at every shell prompt
  8. Write the access methods and attributes in a simple class.
  9. Use Python expressions and types.
  10. Compilers and Interpreters like Cython, PyPy, and more.

Why should you learn Python Programming?

  1. Thousands of job opportunities for Python Developers.
  2. One of the most flexible, open source, powerful and premier language.
  3. Python has been used for various purposes in the IT field for more than 12 years.
  4. Python is used in scientific computing and high domains like oil and gas, signal processing, physics, finance, and more.
  5. Contains simple syntax and therefore can be understood easily.
  6. The most suitable language for Robotics, DevOps, Artificial Intelligence, Web Development, and more.

Objectives and Prerequisites for Joining Skillium Python Training

  1. Programmatically download and analyze information.
  2. Learn data visualization
  3. Write Python unit test code and python scripts
  4. Learn various techniques to deal with various data types.

Considering the prerequisites, you should have basic knowledge of computer and should possess a good interest in pursuing Python programming language.

It is the right time to start your career with Skillium and start developing your Python Skills. Enroll now.

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