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Why bigdata hadoop training is important for your career?

Why Big Data Hadoop Training is Important For Your Career?

What is Big Data and Hadoop?

Big Data indicates the complex and extensive set of data which are tedious to process with the help of traditional processing system. BSE, NYSE and other Stock exchanges generate terabytes of data each day. Social Media sites like Instagram and Facebook generate more data which is 500 times higher than the data generated by the Stock exchanges.

Hadoop is one of the Apache’s open source project used for processing and storing an extensive collection of unstructured data in the environment of the distributed area. Hadoop is capable of scaling from one service to tons of server. IBM, Google, Yahoo, Amazon, New York Times, Facebook and other large giants make use of the Hadoop Framework, and this list is getting increased day by day. The need for the data scientists and Hadoop developers have risen due to the larger investment companies in India.

What will you learn in Big Data Hadoop Corporate Training?

The course Syllabus of corporate Big Data Hadoop training includes Big Data- opportunities and challenges, Mastering HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System),Big Data Analytics using Pig and Hive,Understanding of ZooKeeper,Understanding Hadoop framework,Mastering MapReduce,Mastering HBase,Workflow Scheduler Using OoZie,Installation and Setup of Hadoop Cluster,MapReduce Hands-on using JAVA,HBase and Hive Integration,YARN Architecture,Linux Essentials for Hadoop,Using Java, Pig and Hive,Data loading using Sqoop and Flume, Hands-on Real-time Project and more.

Accelerate Your Career Growth with Big Data Training

  • Big Data Hadoop training helps you to get expertise in the different framework concepts of Hadoop.
  • Helps in mastering the tricks of analytics and data trade by learning Big Data Certification.
  • 100% Placement assurance through exposure of IT professionals.

What are the Course Objectives of Big Data Hadoop Corporate Training?

  • Integration with the movement of data and SQL databases from Hadoop to traditional database and vice versa.
  • Understand different flavors of Hadoop.
  • To learn how to perform pattern matching with Machine Learning and Apache Mahout.
  • Familiar with Working environment and installation of Big Data Hadoop.
  • Be an expert in different components of Big Data Hadoop and core
  • Hadoop components like MapReduce, PIG, Flume, HDFS, Hive, and Sqoop with examples.
  • Grasp knowledge and skills in handling the tools and techniques of Hadoop stack.

Who should take Up Big Data Hadoop Training?

Big Data Hadoop industry has seen a gradual growth in the past few years, and there are many surveys which stated the market of Big Data would reach more than $50 billion within a short period. 64% of the businesses made use of the Big Data Hadoop in 2013, and this number will tend to raise based on the Gartner Survey.

  • Software professionals working in outdated technologies
  • Testing professionals
  • Data warehousing professionals
  • Java Professionals
  • Analytics Professionals
  • ETL professionals
  • Project Managers

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